The most useful product in winter – cocoa

Scientists have named cocoa most useful product during the winter cold: it not only has a rich taste, but also extremely beneficial effect on the body in such a difficult time for him. Cocoa can reduce the inflammation that timely in-season frosts, the researchers noted.

According to the report of the European Agency for food safety, to maintain health a person should eat daily at least 2.5 grams of cocoa powder or 10 grams dark unsweetened chocolate. As it was established by scientists from the University of reading, the use of cocoa encourages the development of the desired bacteria and reduces inflammation in the intestine – as a result, the immune system becomes stronger, and the antibodies to successfully fight pathogens. Winter can be very useful.

But the most useful cocoa is considered to be not even therefore. More cocoa valued by researchers for its ability to affect nerve cells. Chocolate has a positive effect on the nervous system, helping neurons recover and build connections in the brain, which is strongly affected by everyday stress.

The very winter with its darkness and cold is prolonged stress to the body. Cocoa lifts the mood and improves resistance to depression (and diseases in General) – it has a lot of magnesium, which helps to cope with nervous tension, relaxes muscles, improves sleep.

People who drink cocoa, two times less at risk for diabetes or to deal with heart problems. Part of cocoa consists of flavonoids, which regenerate the mitochondria – the energy centers of the cells of the myocardium and skeletal muscle. Due to its consumption in winter increases the elasticity of blood vessels, improves blood flow and blood flow to the brain.

A particularly valuable component of cocoa, such as epicatechin. This substance improves cerebral blood flow and short-term memory, effectively reduces blood pressure. And in cocoa it is much more than berries, red wine or green tea. Regular consumption of cocoa normalizes the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, reduces the risk of stroke.

Speaking about what the most useful product in winter is cocoa, the researchers emphasize: it is about the beverage, not chocolate products. A different kind of chocolate too many more supplements.

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