The British lived to 100 years with the help of wine and meat

The British resident of Buckinghamshire Arthur Grisbrook lived to be 100-year anniversary, adhering to the diet, which would have criticized any nutritionist. Older British guy loves meat, sausages and eggs, and almost every day to drink two glasses of red wine. He claims to have lived to his age is due to the fact that adhered to the diet, which gives him a lot of pleasant emotions.

Despite its age, a British pensioner living on their own. He is quite active and alert, he goes shopping and prepares food, and performs different homework. Also an elderly man passionate about his hobby – playing the organ. From time to time he meets with friends. In General, the way of life 100-year-old grandfather typical of much younger people.

The key to longevity and activity of the Briton believes their “diet,” in which, among other things, a lot of cholesterol and fried meat. He explained that he only eats what he wants, and the most favorite foods called steaks, sausages, eggs, fresh rolls and tomatoes, to him he had a weakness in previous years.

“When I became a pensioner, the doctor said that you have to be more careful with this menu and stick to more healthy eating. But I decided that I was going to enjoy life and food, and only benefited from this,” said Grisbrook.
Although mercenariness that health he has not in his youth, is a serious deviation from 100-year-old Briton, while his energy is just amazing for such a venerable age.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about the fact that centenarians are very different habits, characterized by doctors as harmful. Some scientists believe that longevity is a real biological paradox.