The best way to Wake up in 20 minutes

U.S. scientists named the best way to Wake up in 20 minutes. It’s called “coffee dream.”

The method to quickly replenish the body’s energy is in the morning after you Wake up, brew yourself a strong coffee in a short pace of his drink and return to bed to continue sleeping, pre-set the alarm for 20 minutes. Also the similar practice in the afternoon when sleepy. This “trick” works as follows: caffeine, reaching the small intestine, absorbed by blood and transported it to the brain where “wedged” to the receptors in place of adenosine, molecules of a similar shape. As a byproduct of operation of the Central nervous system, while achieving a high level of concentration it connects to these receptors, causing the person feels fatigue. When caffeine the path of the receptors are blocked, adenosine can’t get there.

Assistance in this case “coffee dream” is as follows: in the process of this physiological state of rest and relaxation clears the brain of adenosine, but if a man will dwell in it for longer than 15-20 minutes, there may be the deep phase of sleep, and exit at a specific time. If the same person goes to sleep for a short period of time, the body will get rid of adenosine and will free up a place for caffeine to hit which in the brain is necessary to 20 minutes. In the end, the drink will add to the body of vitality and energy.

Instead of coffee you can use tea, but caffeine is smaller and therefore the effect will be weaker. You should also not worry if after drinking the beverage will not be able to sleep – you can spend this time in a relaxed state. The main thing – have to get up in 20 minutes that the body was not included in deep phase of sleep.