Strength training save you from heart disease

The study researchers found that people who engaged in strength training, the risk of heart disease declined from 40% to 70%.

Journal MedicineandScienceinSportsandExerciseопубликовал the results of the statistical study, an international group of scientists, showing that strength training can be saved from heart disease – their protective effect is very significant.

Experts analyzed data base of medical history of more than 12 thousand people. These volunteers, whose data were collected in the period from 1987 to 2006, twice took clinical studies. The performance of the body and changes occurring in it, scientists have correlated with the physical activity of the participants, the presence of sports in their lives.

“We found that people who engaged in strength training, the probability of occurrence of total cardiovascular disease was reduced from 40% to 70%,” stated the authors.
The protective effect of strength training from heart disease, how could be set the researchers, is evident, if the person is a total of 60 minutes training per week. Training over a long period of time, according to them, do not give a significant reduction in the risk of heart disease.

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