Mushrooms promote longevity

Mushrooms are the natural defenders from some life-threatening conditions, including heart disease. Their use promotes longevity, – this was stated by authoritative experts in the field of dietetics, the authors of books on nutrition, Cello Juliet and Sarah brewer.

Experts said that mushrooms have a high content of copper, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial or viral diseases. The experts noted that the deficit of this element is associated with a reduction of white blood cells, this factor also determines the susceptibility of the organism to infections.

“Mushrooms are a natural “antioxidants” that protect against the development of dangerous conditions, including heart disease and type II diabetes. Content in mushrooms is beta-glucan gives them anti-cancer properties,” said Kellow, and brewer.
According to their conclusion, the consumption of mushrooms can help to improve the immune system. Mushrooms are rich In b vitamins, essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system, contain huge amounts of trace elements. A study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that mushrooms contain an unusually high number of ergothioneine and glutathione – antioxidant, protects against oxidative damage of cells, proteins and even DNA. Moreover, these substances in the mushrooms are not destroyed by heat treatment.

Cello, and brewer reported that the addition of a diet of mushrooms and other fungi twice a week can promote a long life, provided that people in General adheres to healthy principles. The most important content of nutrients are mushrooms, aspen, boletus and chanterelles, the expert explained.

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