In the peel of bananas can be toxins

Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world. However, the German doctors recommend to fans of bananas to carefully monitor their consumption, and most importantly – carefully wash the bananas with soap and water, and wash your own hands after contact with their skin. Examination showed that the peel of bananas can be toxins can cause the development of dangerous diseases.

Magazine ?ko-Test, in which the German society for the protection of the rights of the consumers publishes the results of testing different products, reported that the peel of bananas can be used in their farming antifungal agents. In particular, scientists call these toxins, used in pest control as imazalil and insecticide, bifenthrin.

Experts believe that it is appropriate to buy organic bananas. As for conventional bananas sold in supermarkets, they should be washed thoroughly and frequently wash hands with soap and water after touching the skin of bananas. Children better not to give the crude bananas.

Scientists are concerned about the fact that the use of a variety of toxins producers of bananas. According to them, the production of bananas involves the use of a large number of pesticides. These chemicals toxic to pests, but people, as experts believe, can cause cancer. According to the research organization ?rztInnen f?r gesunde Umwelt (AEGU) for the year 2016, the risk of cancer in workers in banana plantations for the treatment of plants with pesticides, increases of 155%.

Overall, experts believe, to wash with soap and water is necessary not only bananas, and all fruits and vegetables purchased in retail chains.

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