In the New year you can eat a full meal

Before the New year, there are fewer days, and experts share their recommendations on the consumption of drinks and food in this festival. It turns out that if no health problems and specific contraindications, there are in the New year can be any of the products.

Freelance nutritionist, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, scientific Director of the Federal center of food biotechnology and food safety Victor tutelian reported that healthy people, during a meeting of the New year can eat a full meal. The expert is sure: there is nothing wrong to please yourself and loved ones delicious treats. It adds joy, increases the production of hormones that promotes good mood.

At the same time, the dietician noted that the main healthy approach which is, in the New year any dish, is to not overeat. That is, you need to eat very small portions.

“If a person is healthy, there is little need to digest, very, very sparingly. Why yourself and not to please, New year once a year, it’s a holiday,” said Victor tutelian.
The nutritionist stressed that moderation in New year special drink. Earlier Magicforum wrote about what five actions to help avoid a hangover. One of the simplest secrets are often needed to get some fresh air.