How to act on the body tea and coffee

Numerous scientific studies have allowed scientists to find out different nuances in the assimilation of tea and coffee and the effects of these drinks on certain functions of the body.

Experts at Harvard University found that there are 8 genetic variations that determine the development of the habit of caffeine and the extent of its impact on the body. In turn, British and Australian scientists claim that the addiction to coffee are also mutations in the genes of bitter taste receptors. According to experts, people who drink a lot of coffee, have a high sensitivity to caffeine, but they often do not like tea, and consume on average less alcohol.

In addition, it was found that coffee affects men and women. The study, conducted in Sweden, showed that women drinking three cups of coffee a day can lead to breast reduction. According to opinion of experts, the volume of the breast in this case is reduced due to the influence of caffeine on the production of sex hormones (estrogen) in the female body.

Meanwhile, men daily consumption of three cups of coffee helps prevent the development of erectile dysfunction, it was confirmed by experts of the University of Texas in Houston (USA). They found that men who willingly drink coffee, 40% less likely to complain of problems with potency compared to men who do not drink coffee.
As for the tea, scientists found tea equally acts on the body of the people, regardless of their gender. For example, the green tea in this sense is equally effective for men and women as a means of cancer prevention.

Science knows that tea contains substances flavonoids have the property to expand the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow and helping your heart, brain and visual organs receive more oxygen and nutrients, improving their condition and function.

“Green tea extract, Polyphenon E, inhibits the growth of malignant tumors. Use one Cup of this hot drink a day lowers the risk of developing glaucoma, contributing to a complete vision loss,” said scientists from the United States.
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