Gum: benefit or harm?

People always had something to chew on: in Ancient Greece – mastic tree resin, Mayan rubber in Europe – tobacco. In 1928, the year the accountant Walter Dimer linked rubber, corn syrup, flavoring and sweetener – about this recipe manufacturers of chewing gum use today. Whether we have this mixture for the benefit or harms? Let’s see.

How useful gum?

Pretty much:

  1. It can improve mood, reduce stress and improve concentration. This was stated by Australian and British scientists. Chewing gum can temporarily disable a signal to the brain “I need food!” – it eliminates the anxiety. And when we don’t think about food, it is easier to concentrate. Well, a sweet taste and pleasant smell cause a surge of endorphins and therefore improves the mood.
  2. The American dental Association (ADA) approves sugarless gum. Experts have confirmed that it can really prevent tooth decay: gum with sweeteners stimulates the production of saliva and this cleans the teeth from bacterial plaque. But gum with sugar they recommend.
  3. When we chew, massage gums – it’s a little reduces the likelihood of periodontal disease. But if the disease is already there, the gum is contraindicated for you.
  4. Gum helps to recover after surgery on the colon: in the UK it is given to patients operated on in the morning, afternoon and evening. This happens due to the fact that hormones of the digestive system are activated during mastication, and the activity of the bowel reflex is stimulated.

And what is harmful?

Disadvantages of gum are also missing:

  1. She can break fillings, crowns and bridges. So it is due to mechanical effects on the teeth, and from chemical: saliva promotes the formation of alkali as it corrodes fillings.
  2. Chewing on an empty stomach causes the gastric reflex to highlight the acid is irritating and can give impetus to the development of gastritis and ulcers.
  3. Gum does not replace brushing your teeth. Even if the tooth brush is not at hand, it is better to just rinse your mouth.
  4. The chewing gum will help get rid of the bad smell. She is so short-lived effect that it is practically not. If you suffer this problem, it is better to consult the dentist.

And what is the result?

Chewing gum is possible, but not more than 5 minutes and only after meals. But for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to abandon it. Well in diseases of the oral cavity should first consult with a dentist.

Gum often afraid due to the fact that it contains aspartame. And in vain: in fact, there is no evidence that this sweetener can trigger the development of tumors. What else do not do not worry, tell the article “5 things that don’t actually cause cancer”.