For the sake of the happiness building you need to dress for the New year now

Let before the New year is still almost two months, we still can decorate the tree. The study showed that this kind of decoration makes people more happy.

Despite some rise in popularity of Halloween in Russia, our country still doesn’t celebrate this Western holiday as broadly as it happens in USA or in the UK. The main and favorite holiday in Russia is New year, and preparing for it becomes a very pleasant pastime. In particular, it is concerned with the selection and decoration of Christmas trees and hanging Christmas light indoor and other similar works. And now in the journal of Environmental Psychology published a study that showed that Christmas room decorating makes people happy. Therefore, we should engage them as early as possible.

In the course of the study, the participants were asked to rate the degree of friendliness of a number of people on the basis of photographs of their homes and back yard. It turned out that the most significant effect this issue has a number of Christmas decorations. If the house and yard was decorated to celebrate the New year, it tried to convince the study participants that the dwelling owner friendly. This kind of jewelry has produced a most favorable impression and made people more kind.

In the absence of such ornaments of the study participants quite accurately determined the character of the landlord, that is, its sociability or isolation. But once on the walls, there were garlands and Christmas lights, that judgment almost always been positive. Psychologists believe that decoration for the New year makes us happier, so we should do it as early as possible. (READ MORE)