Clutter in the workplace determines the relationship to the person

Scientists from the University of Michigan (USA) established: disorder in the workplace affect the reputation of the person and the attitudes of others much more serious than it may seem. The results of the research of American experts published the journal Personality and Individual Difference.

“Clutter in the workplace can determine the attitude of the person. In the office many consider it a sufficient reason for far-reaching and extremely unflattering conclusions about the nature of the employee”, – said the scientists.
Specialists conducted an experiment in which people came into the room, decorated as a Cabinet office employee, is maintained, or, conversely, are in disarray. After that, they had to answer how they see this working in office human. For the assessment of responses used five known psychological scales, such as extraversion, friendliness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience.

Scientists have been able to ensure that even small signs of disorder influence the opinion about the person and attitude. Because of the confusion in the office of the owner had been assessed as disorganized, sloppy, indifferent, careless, eccentric and prone to nervousness person.

According to scientists, the disorder in the workplace may have a bad affect communication with colleagues and a man’s career, because he can determine the attitude from the authorities.

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