According to the rules of alcohol consumption in a week can to drink no more than 14 servings

British doctors shared rules of alcohol consumption that were formulated by experts of the National health service, in cooperation with the charity Drinkaware. Expert advice, addressed to lovers of alcoholic beverages, published by the Daily Mail newspaper.

In publishing, the specialists drew attention to two important aspects related to the use of alcohol. First – you can’t drink on a daily basis, throughout the week should be “window”, when alcohol is not used at all. Second – you can’t go beyond the permissible daily dose.

It is particularly important to withstand the “pause sobriety” people aged 40 years and older. According to scientists, individuals 45-65 years of age drink more than the norm by 14 times.

“Even one soft day in the week will give a chance to the body to be cleansed,” said the doctors.
Experts advised adults who drink alcohol, drink no more than 14 servings of alcoholic beverages per week. Ideally, the drink should have three days time, the body needs to recover.

According to the calculations of British experts, 14 servings of alcohol, that’s six pints (1 pint = 0,56 ml) of beer with 4%, or six glasses of wine with a volume of 175 ml, or 14 stacks of 25 ml strong, 40-degree, drink.

But it is best to the body, when people do go without alcohol. Regular consumption of alcohol causes sleep problems, the development of hypertension and increased susceptibility to cancer, said the researchers.

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