7 rules of nutrition in the winter, allowing not to gain weight

In winter, you want to eat hearty, and it is natural. According to nutritionists, the food in winter should really be rich in nutrients and fatty substances that the body is getting energy that allows not only keep warm but also to strengthen the immune system.

At the same time, it is important to retain the shape and not fat as is often the case in winter. Experts recommend to adhere to certain installations.

The first rule of food in the winter to minimize the fermentation. Since 70% of immunity is in the gut it is necessary to preserve it from fermentation processes. It is better to eliminate from the diet or minimizing foods containing yeast (pastries), alcohol, juice, soda.

The second rule of nutrition in winter: love spices.In the absence of individual contraindications should be eating more spices – they are full of antioxidants that stimulate metabolism, allowing not to gain weight.

The third rule of power in the winter: hot soup. Their use quickly saturates and warms, and is also very useful for maintaining acid-base balance.

The fourth rule of power in the winter: more calories. The increase of caloric in the cold is acceptable, but not to gain weight, you should consume calories from protein sources – lean meat, fish, poultry.

The fifth rule of power in the winter: vitamin D. Its a lot of marine oily fish, eggs, cod liver oil, yolk of eggs and Flaxseed oils, and the use of these products allows you not to gain weight. Vitamin D stimulates the synthesis of dopamine, an important for energy production and girolomini.

The sixth rule of power in the winter: food with tryptophan. They provide vitality and good mood, quality sleep. The diet should include Turkey, rabbit, fish, seafood and seaweed, nuts, cheese, cottage cheese.

The seventh rule of power in the winter: less fructose. Excess provokes the processes of fermentation and inflammation in the intestine, contributing to fullness. Fruit should be eaten at a minimum of pear, mango, grapes, persimmons, dates, raisins, prunes. Useful winter berries, mandarins, kiwi, pineapple.

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