7 foods nutritionists don’t eat

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition and diet talked about from the use of any products they abstain.

The product first of course. According to British nutritionist Vanessa Quarmby, sugar has no nutritional value, and she does not eat sweet, because it makes no sense for health. Those who can’t imagine life without desserts, nutritionist advises to reduce their number in the diet.

A product of the diet products. Another expert, nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, stated that all the available dietary products contain chemical flavor enhancers that are negatively affecting the intestines and increases the craving for sugar.

The third product: processed meat. Clinical nutritionist Manal Chouchan spoke about the fact that the products of processed meat contain preservatives, artificial colors – ingredients that are very harmful to the health of the intestinal microflora.

Product four: soft drinks and energy. Nutrition specialist Katherine Kaiser describe these drinks as containing “a huge amount of sugar and a volatile mix of several artificial ingredients and caffeine”.

Fifth product: ketchup. Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert never eat store-bought ketchup. According to experts, this product is always a lot of preservatives and sugar – it is better to make the sauce from tomatoes yourself.

Product six: TRANS fats. Speaking about why never to eat foods containing TRANS fats, nutritionist Marilyn Glenville noted that this component is unnatural for the body. “The body just doesn’t know what to do with them, and there can be all sorts of unhealthy processes,”she added.

The seventh product: the margarine. Nutritionist Cassandra Barnes admitted that they never eat margarine and spreads. She thinks these products are too harmful to health.

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