5 myths about healthy eating

You do not need to eat for one meal first, second and third, – this was reported in an interview with the chief doctor of the national team of Latvia mārtiņš Pulveris. According to him, many preconceived ideas about how food should be – no more than a myth or error.

The first myth: drinking plenty of water. According to Pulverise, people in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle often go to extremes. For example, people spend all day eating some vegetables or drinking water. The doctor said that healthy eating means first and foremost a balanced diet full wealth of nutrients.

The second myth: Breakfast is very important. The expert says that it is not. For example, Italians traditionally eat a lot in the evenings, but it’s not the fattest nation. If because of the lifestyle we have to eat in the evening – not scary: the main thing is to control what gets to the plate. The doctor said: you can eat twice a day, but better at the same time.

The third myth: vegetables healthier than meat. Healthy eating does not refuse meat, so how to replace it with vegetable products is difficult, says sports doctor. In addition, there are scientific studies which prove that vegans get to eat a lot more toxins than consumers of animal food

Myth four: the more fruits and berries! It is believed that its regular consumption makes the food more healthy. But in the cold season on the shelves of too many imported products, which processed a large number of chemicals. For food it is better to choose the products of the region in which the person lives – even if it will be ugly roots.

The fifth myth: smoothies are helpful. Smoothies represent a milled mixture of plant foods and nuts, to drink, they became one of the trends of healthy nutrition. The doctor is skeptical about such a habit. According to him, after grinding in a blender substances from products are absorbed instantly, and recycling becomes for the body this overload. This might lead to excess weight.

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