5 foods that lower sugar cravings

Nutritionists have called products, the use of which dulls the desire to eat something sweet. Consequently, eating less sweet, you can count on the slimming effect.

It is easy to remember such products to five.

The product reduces sugar cravings: eggs. Chicken eggs-Champions in protein, which helps to control the appetite, and is, in General, less during the day. According to experts, the protein acts as an inhibitor towards the synthesis of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Especially good to eat rich protein foods for Breakfast.

The product reduces sugar cravings: dates. These dried fruits as a healthy alternative kastam. Fresh dates contain high amounts of fiber and potassium, iron and other useful minerals – any kind of dessert is no different such a variety of substances that enhance health. Doctors recommend that dates are those for whom it is extremely difficult to do without sweet. But the dates can’t eat on an empty stomach, and don’t need to use them at a time more than three to five pieces.

The product reduces sugar cravings: yogurt. If you really want sweet, but it is better to abstain – drink a glass of yogurt. There are a lot of protein and calcium thanks to this combination of yogurt helps to control appetite and sugar cravings.

The product reduces sugar cravings: sauerkraut. Sauerkraut and other fermented foods improve bacterial balance of the intestinal flora, which also affects the brain that receives signals from the intestine. “Good” healthy intestinal bacteria help to control food desires.

The product reduces sugar cravings: buckwheat.Like all whole grain products buckwheat quickly saturates, and the feeling of satiety lasts long enough then. Due to the composition rich in vitamins and minerals, buckwheat promotes growth in the gut the number of useful bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Improvement of intestinal flora has a positive effect on the mechanisms of hunger and food preferences.

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