5 changes that prolong life

Sometimes you can change something slightly – and get a response from a lot of benefits. As shown by recent scientific studies, some changes can prolong life.

A change that prolongs life: the rejection of the alarm.According to data obtained by Japanese scientists, a sharp loud sounds negative effect nervnoy system, and increase the risk of heart attack. In today’s world it is better to try to spend more time in silence.

A change that extends the life of wine. Okanaganensis University came to the conclusion that the use of French dry wine in the “from time to time” correlates with the increase in life expectancy. But to drink more glass of wine should not be.

A change that prolongs life: Pets.The people who make them live longer. Emotional connection domashnimi animals helps to reduce markers of stress in organizology, the study found. Protection against stress, strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation, is detrimental to cells.

A change that extends the life of: less to wash. Scientists believe that soap igraca water deprived skin protective fatty layer that protects against dangerous bacteria and infections. Frequent washing can be a factor in the weakening of the organism, susceptibility to various diseases.

A change that extends the life of: to eat bread. German scientists found that eating bread crusts and rump replenishes the body plenty of antioxidants, which prevent the development of cancer. Breadcrumbs, according to the researchers, may also be helpful in moderation.

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