4 types most harmful to stomach drinks

Doctors have called for drinks, which in their opinion can be safely attributed to the most harmful for the stomach. The digestive system of a person with such bad drinks to cope, or not cope at all.

The first type is the most harmful to stomach beverages: alcohol. According to experts, alcohol acts on the stomach as an aggressive toxin. The main component of alcoholic beverages – ethanol, but acetaldehyde is the product resulting from its absorption of alcohol by the body to give carcinogenic effect, disrupting cells of the stomach.

The second type is the most harmful to stomach drinks: cocktails. Alcoholic beverages, containing sugar or chemical additives (liqueurs, cocktails, carbonated beverages) devoid of nutrients, but replete with calories. In addition, they have a lot of substances that the stomach is just not able to identify that can destroy the balance of bacterial flora and damage the mucosa.

The third type is the most harmful to stomach beverages: tea and coffee. The drinks consumed by millions of people for energy that can cause bloating and also contribute to the emergence of such damaging to the gastric mucosa phenomena as erosion and ulcers. This primarily concerns those who drink a lot of coffee and tea.

The fourth type is the most harmful to stomach drinks: energy. The constituent alcohol and stimulating components in some cases can lead to alcoholic coma, scientists said. These drinks can cause acute gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

What is especially harmful? In any case it is impossible to combine the energy drink with alcohol. These drinks are the opposite
action: one stimulates and the other relaxes. The caffeine in the energy sector increases the effects of alcohol on the brain. The effects of such mixing can be dire.

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