You are already some time on those sex-starved? This is what happens in your body! Video

Sex is for many a fulfilled partnership and a happy life. Conversely, it may harm us, apparently, if we renounce the love of the game. The suggest at least a variety of studies. Four problems that can occur if we don’t have Sex.

1. Health

Regular Sex is beneficial for the health. Scientists from the University of Bristol investigated in a long-term study of nearly 1000 men aged 45 to 59 years. They came to the conclusion that the love of the game to have a positive effect on the heart and risk of heart attack. Vice versa could have all those sex-starved negative impact on health.

2. Intelligence

If you do not have Sex, could also suffer your intelligence including. US-researchers at the Princeton University found in an Experiment with rats that Sex neurons in the brain grow.Best offer on

3. Figure and attractiveness

The game of love, the brain releases the so-called luteinizing hormone. This stimulates the formation of testosterone. This, in turn, is a Slimming. It increases fat burning and is involved in the muscle building. Sex makes us so slim and sexy. If we lose its appeal, if we abstain from Sex?

4. Stress in everyday life

A study by the University of Göttingen revealed that up to 36 percent of the men and women plunge into work and other activities, if you have a maximum of one Time per week to have Sex. He remains completely stressed out by the men and women even more. The sexual frustration can often lead to a vicious circle. Because, we assume, for example, additional obligations, such as Offices, in a club, there is still less time for the partnership and for Sex.