Why is the woman suppresses a man?

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How can a woman crush a man?

The reasons why the woman suppresses a man

What should I do?

It is believed that equality in relationships is extremely important, but often it is only in words. In fact, one of the partners is always important. If the main man, the questions mostly arise. Because the Patriarchate in Russia — quite a usual thing. But in a situation when a man suppresses a woman, there are many controversial issues.

Why is the woman suppresses a man’s normal is this situation and what to do in such a case, tell Magicforum.

How can a woman crush a man?

The suppression can be of several types. Most often this happens completely unconsciously. Woman think that trying to fix the elect, helping him to become better, and actually inhibits his personality. Women think that positively affect your partner. Although it is not so. Even with the best intentions, it looks like a suppression and manipulation.

If a woman is too often to crush a man, good chance she become the alpha male in the pair. But don’t want any lady. After they start screaming that normal men left that she has to make decisions. But really the kind of woman who suppresses her man, is to this long and hard was trying to fix his beloved.

The “fix” basically represents the imposition of one’s own values and beliefs. A woman without my noticing, that the man answered her only what she wants to hear. While his own opinion on this or that issue remains unspoken. Is it right? Of course not! You cannot dictate terms, supplying them with the phrase: “I know better”. With men as with children, it is not necessary to select to do what they started. Let it be done not the way you expect, but made them.

Let’s imagine a normal situation in every relationship — the mountain of dirty dishes. The woman as homemaker, there are two solutions: to wash herself, while the man is relaxing in front of the TV, or to entrust the matter to him. In the second case, you know that he will do something wrong: sprayed a lot of water, does not use the amount of detergent is not good enough I will wipe the plate. Then, of course, you sigh and decide it’s better to itself than it. Thereby you show him that you can do everything without it. And if you entrust the matter to him, then probably Express all the disadvantages, thereby will oppress his own dignity. And, chances are, he will tell you: “next time, and mine.” Does this sound familiar?

To be the steel lady and try to do everything yourself, suppressing possible, and the desire of the men — the wrong way. This is a destructive relationship that will eventually lead to laziness of your choice, your negativity, and possibly rupture.

The reasons why the woman suppresses a man

This behavior can be called destructive, because it prevents the realized man and a woman turns into a dictator. However, not every representative of the stronger sex can be suppressed, therefore, faced with such an individual, the woman usually begins to look for a new “Guinea pig” if she can’t get along with him.

Basically the reason for this destructive behavior in women is the desire to assert themselves at the expense of its second half. For example, you do not have a career, but at home everything is arranged by your rules, man goes toe the line and perform all your whims. There is a possibility that the woman just comes across Mama’s boy, and which to suppress-it is no longer necessary, as it from birth raised woman, which he suppressed. Such henpecked a dime a dozen, and it is mostly the fault of mothers who are unable to pacify her husband, but taking it out on children. But there are more complex reasons for a man to suppress women.

First, it is a Pygmalion complex. Most people at first, in all things inferior to your partner. This is especially apt men who want to Woo women. Unfortunately, this often ends in tears, as the woman begins to crush the man. Although in a serious relationship there comes a time when one of the parties begins to show itself, to give a vote. If the views on the basic questions do not converge, it leads to scandals. The woman feels that she does not like manners, style of dress, friends, cat, nature. You know what’s best for him, but in fact it is not, and to change the person at all does not work, even though he tries. Especially often such situation, if a man younger than his lady.

Secondly, the woman suppresses a man to distrust. She’s afraid of abandonment, afraid to be weak and vulnerable, which is trying to keep everything under control. Even a man cannot attain love and trust because she believes that it may be a common traitor.

Third, women may not believe in the success of the man that he is able to achieve. Therefore, the partner inhibits it by imposing their own vision of success and the beauty of life. Usually, this happens because of a misunderstanding of what he wants the man himself. You can often hear the phrase: “You’re wasting time on it”, “you fail”, undermining the confidence of men in themselves. And that could lead to rupture.

Fourth, the woman quite often too invested in the relationship, forgetting about other spheres of life. When energy is directed in the wrong direction, it can be nothing else but to suppress his own man. If you have favorite work, hobby, Hobbies, friends, time for this will be left entirely. You would not want to nag your husband and teach him life.

Finally, some men and women work together. Quite often, office romances turn into a serious relationship, marriage. And to combine work and family life can be complicated. Due to the inability to realize themselves (the same competition between spouses can occur) one — male or female — start to suppress the other. One more advantage that someone else can not be realized, therefore, is suppressed.

What should I do?

Based on the foregoing, a person who suppresses other, you need to learn to control himself. Basically the qualities that contribute to unhealthy relationships are selfishness, inability to compromise, the rejection of the partner as he is. If you continually fixate on the flaws, tend to criticize everything, you need to get rid of all of these qualities. Ideally, a trip to the shrink would be a great solution.

No need to try to make a relationship with a man competition. Sometimes you need to let go and not try to prove who’s boss. Equality is the best option, but it is quite difficult to achieve. Share your life equally with men, trust him. Correct key to the trust we would be talking. No need to hide resentment, anger. This approach, based on trust, and not the suppression of his partner, will lead to a harmonious and happy relations.