Wake-up time depends on age

The researchers said that the Wake-up time depends on the age of man: in different decades of life, it changes. But what should be kept: go to sleep and need to Wake up at the same hour, subject to age-related changes. For those who chronically goes to bed and gets up at different times, increasing the risk of dangerous diseases, warned the doctors.

Employees of the Medical center of Duke University (USA) found that the Wake-up time depends on age, and the disturbance of circadian rhythms is the work of all body systems. What time should we Wake up at different ages, in order to fully relax and maintain good health?

“The ideal time to sleep and to feel good in 20 years – 9:30 am, 30 – 8 a.m., at 40 – 7:30, 50 years – 7 a.m., and after 60 years – 6: 30 am,” the researchers found.
Time to fall asleep in this revival it is easy to calculate. Adults should sleep 7 to 9 hours, men after the age of 65 years – 7 to 8 hours, said experts. They emphasize falling asleep and awakening at the same time protects from the development of various diseases, both physiological and psychological.

Conclusions of experts are based on the results of the experiment with the participation of 2000 people without sleep disorders, age from 43 to 48 years. One of the summary of the project began following the conclusion of the researchers: irregular sleep and waking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, completeness, type II diabetes, depression.
and hypertension. In addition, irregular sleep also contributes to lower physical activity, loss stress and depression.

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