Unique tattoo will warn you of sunburn

Scientists have developed a new “smart” tattoo, which carefully capture the sun’s rays. They will help to inform the man about when he needs to re-apply sunscreen.

Researchers from the University of Colorado in the USA has developed a permanent tattoo that inform the person about the risk of receiving sunburn. It is based on the technology of special ink, with a sensitivity before ultraviolet radiation. These inks appear on the skin only after the level of solar radiation becomes too dangerous. In other words, if the tattoo suddenly appeared on the body, the person needs to go into the shadows or re-applied to the skin sunscreen. Thus people will be able not only to protect yourself from the common sunburn, but also to protect themselves from various types of skin cancer, the main cause of which is ultraviolet.

Note that skin tumors are still the most common malignancies in the world. Dermatologists constantly warn about the need to protect themselves from direct exposure to sunlight and always use sunscreen, but many people do not. Especially sunscreens unpopular among Russians, who for some reason believe that if they spend many months in cloudy winter weather, several weeks of sunlight nothing wrong with health will not do. In reality, even a few hours in bright sunlight can be sufficient to produce burns and permanent damage that could cause mutations of the skin cells.

The creators of “smart” tattoos are also in the process of further development of its technology. In the future, these inks can provide a diagnostic tool for helping physicians to identify various diseases or changes in the composition of the blood. (READ MORE)