Treatment of folk remedies: truth and myths

According to Yandex, this year the Russians frequently searched folk remedies from allergies, cough and prostatitis. But the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy proposed to treat hypertension hawthorn tincture, if Russia will ban the import of medicines from USA. Whether to follow his advice? Let’s look at some popular recipes “of the people”.

Is it possible to treat cancer and diabetes herbs?

Scientists from king’s College claim that proved the effectiveness of plants from India, Thailand and China.

Indian healers use curry leaves to treat diabetes. In this disease, the body produces enough insulin to break down glucose in the blood. Scientists have found that leaves do not add insulin to the patient, but reduce the sugar in the blood. Also, scientists have studied herbs from China and Thailand for the treatment of cancer. And found that they slow down the growth of cancer cells.

Indian remedy for heart patients

It was believed that guggul lowers cholesterol, which is considered responsible for many cardiovascular diseases. However, drugs based on it have not passed the tests. Experiments at the University of Pennsylvania showed that volunteers have a cholesterol level increased by 4%.

And previous tests pointed to the miraculous properties of guggul. In India even published a work that the extract for 24 weeks reduces cholesterol in the blood by 12%. And in the United States said that guggul helps people suffering from osteoporosis, and relieves pain. This was not confirmed.

What about Russian folk remedies?

  • Butter from the burn

This product even advised the founder of first aid, the Prussian surgeon Friedrich von Esmarch. Yes, oil can reduce the pain if it is from the fridge, but only for a while. Will not help and other folk remedies: milk, cooking oil or toothpaste.

Possible only one situation where the butter might be useful: if you burn the skin with hot tar. The oiliness of the oil to ease the symptoms, remove the resin, and the doctor will be easier to access the wound.

  • Garlic for colds

Colds are advised to make garlic pulp or juice with honey in proportion 1:1. But this “shock” the tool does not have scientific evidence. Moreover, it can cause burns of mucous.

Doctors do not recommend to replace medication folk remedies. Their effectiveness is not proven. When selecting funds is to remember that natural products have contraindications. The honey is diabetes. People with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract — lemon, red pepper and garlic. Teas of raspberry are not suitable cores and high blood pressure.

If you feel unwell do not self-medicate and when the first signs consult your doctor. And to find out whether useful motherwort for the heart from the new release “Live healthy”