Tradition in Advent: environmentalists fine-dust filter for Smoking men want to

They belong to the customs of the Christmas season in the ore mountains: smoke males. But an environmentalist is concerned about the health risks of the traditional figures, and calls for a Filter against fine dust.

A soot filter would bring the most people probably has to do with diesel cars. It is now in need of a similar measure for Smoking men? The environmentalist Ronald Peuschel (65) of the Green League West Saxony is of the opinion: Yes, it needs.

Thinking about healthy indoor air is a pity the Tradition

Inside the smoker, which are an invention of the toy makers from the Erzgebirge mountains, is a place for an incense cone. You light it, the smoke, and passes through an Opening in the figure. They are available in different variants and they include, in addition to angels and wooden candle arches, to the traditional folk art for the season of Advent.

As Day 24 reported calls Peuschel now, to pull fine dust filter for the wooden figures into account: Each harmful substance in the environment, is good. Especially in confined spaces. Thinking about healthy indoor air and better smoker will not harm the Tradition in the ore mountains.

Not just a Problem for the car industry

The environmentalists argued that the harmful fine dust is only a Problem for the car industry – households would emit eight Times as much of it. Tino Günther (55), männel-maker from the toy village of Seiffen, holds the Filter for the advent tube according to the Portal, however, is exaggerated and looks very a danger to the Tradition.

Even Günther does not deny that candles and incense cause a lot of fine dust, it should be no statutory requirement to Mitigate the air pollution.