This is the most casual bowel movement?

Ever heard the term “Ghost Poo”? Also known as the “Ninja among the big shops”? No? It is characterized by the fact that he slides to the toilet, without much effort, “spirit in prison” in the bowl. And on the toilet paper, there are virtually no traces of leaves.

But how could this be? We start from the beginning: Our digestive system is like a long tube that runs in many windings through our body.
According to the Chew of the Decomposition of the food starts with the saliva in the mouth. In wave-like movements of the chyme through the esophagus towards the stomach. This is a big, stretchy muscle in the the food by acid and stomach juices to be further decomposed.

In the small intestine, the nutrients are separated, finally, in sugar, proteins and fats. The dietary fiber, are not digested, Hiking further into the colon. There, water and minerals are withdrawn – the Rest is excreted.

And now the decision is made: In the last step, but mucous membranes – who would have Thought slime, the remains, especially on the harder the stool will be liable. And so the Defecate easier. To the “Ghost Poo“. Secret tip of intestinal specialists: flea shells, regulate constipation the intestines seeds, by promoting the sliding film. Done – and you are a shining topic for the next cocktail party rich!