Therapy for heart rhythm disorders for the first time successfully

Now also in Germany: radiation therapy to treat heart rhythm disorder

A new high-precision radiation therapy through a unique treatment of threatening cardiac arrhythmias life-to heal – even those in which all other available treatments have failed. A 79-year-old man was recently cured of as the first Patient in successfully using the new method.

At the University hospital of Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), there are now, for the first time in Germany the opportunity to cure severe heart rhythm disorders, which resist every other treatment. In only one treatment on 30. November 2018, a 79-year-old man from his life-threatening disease to be healed. The man is the first Patient in Germany who was treated this way, and also worldwide, he is one of the first patients to benefit from this new method.

An incurable case was made curable

As the treating Physicians reports, suffered the Patient under a severe heart muscle disease. He received the maximum possible medication, and nevertheless, his implanted Defibrillator triggered almost daily an electric shock, to keep the man alive. “After the successful irradiation of the malignant cardiac arrhythmias are not encountered yet again,” reported Professor Dr. Hendrik Bonn Meier in a press release to the successful treatment.

An innovative and highly advanced procedures

The first treatment was already planned half a year in advance. Professor Bonn Meier created with his colleagues with the best possible Equipment in a high-resolution representation of the left ventricle of the patient. Thus, the target region of hair could be made to exactly locate, which should be irradiated at the treatment. A specialist team of radiation therapists and medical physics experts and then performed the targeted irradiation of the heart rhythm disturbances have been eliminated.

Pioneering therapy for severe heart rhythm disturbances