The age difference affects the strength of the relationship

Research experts at Emory University (USA) shows that the difference in age of partners affect the strength of the relationship between them and the duration of their Union. Scientists have calculated, what should be the optimal age difference for a happy relationship.

To participate in the study were invited to more than three thousand couples in which at least one of the partners already had past experience of marriage. All the participants were specially developed by psychologists testing. As a result, experts have interesting evidence suggesting that the age difference can play a big role in how durable will be the joint life of the couple.

Scientists stated that the more the age difference of the partners, the higher the risk that their Union will disintegrate very quickly.

“The probability of disconnection in the first year for couples with age difference of 20 years or more is 95%,” – said the authors of the project.
If the age difference of the couple is 10 years, a similar risk is 39%, added the experts. The age difference of 5 years affects the breakup in the first year in 18% of cases.

The strongest, according to the researchers, the relationship, when the difference in age of partners is minimal. If such difference is less than one year, the risk of separation is reduced to 3%, said experts.

The study also demonstrated that the strength of the relationship in couples affected by the presence of the partners children, and not necessarily born in the Union. So, if someone of two people, married, has a child, such a relationship break up to 59% less in comparison with couples of the same age, but childless. A child born in a relationship, bonds them even more – unions with born in their children cease to exist in 76% less in comparison with childless.

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