That’s what happens to your body when you eat a month of no sugar Video

Everyone eats chocolate like a piece of. But most people do not know that you are taking too much sugar. A Dutchman has been subjected to the Experiment, to abandon a month on sugar. Due to its sugar-free diet, he is come to amazing results.

Taste he does to all of us – whether in fruit, Fast Food, or sweets. Sugar ensures that our favorite food seems even more delicious than they already have. However, too much sugar consumption is harmful. Five percent of your daily calorie needs – people who eat more living unhealthy, says the world health organization.

However, we feel it health-wise at all, if we eat a lot or a little sugar? The checked a man from the Netherlands on his own body. Sacha Harland has previously eaten sugar in large quantities. Then, he dared an Experiment: for A month just to eat without sugar. And Harland found Amazing: Not only that, he felt noticeably better. Doctors attest to him after his change in Diet also significantly better for the physical values.

Sugar Free Diet

He brought less Kilos on the scale. Be fat percentage decreased significantly. His blood pressure was significantly lower. And his cholesterol levels were also better.

Also, several studies have demonstrated that us sugar is manipulated and literally – and very addictive. When we eat sugar, it releases the body’s feel good hormones. Thus, in the brain, called the reward will be suggested paths. The human being always wants more, and again and again – until he eventually becomes addicted to sugar. This has serious implications.


“The Overactivate the reward system come a number of problems – loss of control, and initiate the craving for food, and increased sugar tolerance,” said the Neuroscientist Nicole Avena in an Internet Video. A study of the U.S. Institute of health-from 2012 also found that a sugar-rich diet affects our synapses, and the brain slows down. Robert Lustig, a Professor at the University of California in San Francisco, warned in a YouTube Video that he has parallel to his Lectures created from further serious physical consequences of excessive sugar consumption: obesity and insulin failure.

The precursor thereof is a constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels, of the shoots with the daily rush of sugar in the altitude and a short time later in the basement. Who is affected by it, is more irritable, will feel more often tired or always has a headache. In the worst case, a constant up and down of blood sugar levels can even lead to depression.

Before we let it get that far, we should call us the sugar-abstaining from Sacha Harland prefer to once more in memory.