Tasty and healthy: what foods you should eat when losing weight?

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Breakfast for weight loss

Salads and snacks for weight loss

Soups for weight loss

Main dishes for weight loss

Desserts for weight loss

Weight loss should be combined with proper nutrition and sports. As a rule, the first mean a diet where almost all carbs, sweets, soups, potatoes, noodles. List of forbidden foods and dishes can be virtually infinite. Now, however, the idea of proper nutrition for weight loss changes dramatically: nutritionists say that are allowed to eat all, important to know certain principles.

In this article Magicforum talk about the dishes that can be eaten when losing weight, and your Outlook on the process will change.

Breakfast for weight loss

It is considered that Breakfast should be a porridge on water without sugar, one can add nuts or raisins. But this is not good! I hasten to please you: losing weight is allowed to drink milk, and hence the porridge cook on this brew too. It is advisable to use soy or skim milk (or low fat). So the mess didn’t seem too fresh, not bad to add bananas, honey, cinnamon, nuts. But sugar is really have to give.

Eggs too cannot be banned, because it is a great source of protein, tasty and healthy dish. The only nutritionists still do not agree, what does it have eggs for cores, because they can be filled with the “bad” cholesterol. By the way, offer the unusual version of the dish with bananas and salsa, stacked on a Taco. This dish is very high in potassium, which has a positive impact on health.

Osamabin is a classic among all pitoresc who were able to lose weight and bring your body back in order. The dish is a mixture of oatmeal with cheese and egg. And you can add whatever you want — cocoa, peanut butter, tomatoes, cream cheese, cucumbers. Even a mini-pizza from this olsenonline do it!

Rolls of pita bread with various additives is extremely nutritious Breakfast. You can make as a sweet roll, and spicy. The perfect options of toppings for weight loss will become a banana and cottage cheese, an Apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon, peanut butter and honey, cheese with tomato. You can prepare even useful Shawarma, replacing the mayonnaise for Greek yogurt, and roasted pork on steamed chicken.

The fruit is also useful for weight loss, it is also a source of natural sugar that will not let you get bored on this diet (although eating right hardly call a diet, because no special restrictions you feel). For example, prepare baked apples. It is extremely tasty and satisfying.

The dishes prepared for Breakfast, should be a lot of carbohydrates. Perfectly saturate nuts, cheese, apples. In addition, these meals will reduce appetite and therefore lose weight faster.

A proper Breakfast will help you to gain energy for the whole day, don’t feel too lethargic, or angry and annoyed. In addition, these meals will promote weight loss.

Salads and snacks for weight loss

No need to think that you can lose weight if only two or three meals. Ideal to eat five to six times a day in small portions. And not to be hungry between Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should get a hearty snack. What are the salads and appetizers are tasty and effective for weight loss?

Bruschetta with cheese and tomatoes — incredibly hearty snack, which is prepared extremely quickly. Mix grated cheese and tomatoes with yogurt, add seasonings to taste and place the mixture on thin slices of whole wheat bread. Enough for 15-20 minutes in the oven, so the bread baked and ready to eat. By the way, sometimes it is possible and delicious Breakfast like this to organize, because it is extremely rich dish.

Sauerkraut is not only useful for weight loss, but also delicious. Especially good red cabbage, which contains a lot of vitamin C and few calories.

No less tasty protein salad, based on the egg pancake, cucumber and chicken. All this dressed with yogurt and eaten as a snack. Bean salad with Dijon mustard will help you lose weight and be forces between lunch and dinner. It includes: egg, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, Dijon mustard and yogurt. Incredibly delicious combination!

Don’t forget that as a snack, you can use fruits, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits. But remember — you need to keep a sense of proportion.

Soups for weight loss

Hardly you will deny that the soups are very useful for the digestive system. The most optimal for weight loss are the dishes cooked in chicken broth. In this soup is good to add seasonal vegetables — carrots, onions, celery and parsnips. This allows you to saturate your body with nutrients and to be in shape.

Also useful, and incredibly delicious lentil soup. To prepare this dish is very simple: boil the red (or yellow) lentils with carrots, grind in a blender and add half a mug of cream of low fat content.

Carrot soup is also delicious and healthy dish. It is based on carrots, chicken broth, thyme and cream. It is legal to add soy sauce. Soup based on pumpkin, it will be pleasant in all respects for weight loss. All you need is baked pumpkin, vegetable broth and a drop of chili.

Even soup can be helpful when losing weight, but the main thing in this matter is not carried away, because the ingredients are very high in calories. The beet has a beneficial effect on the intestines and has a mild laxative effect.

As you can see, soups for weight loss you can eat, but more importantly, to know in what quantities.

Main dishes for weight loss

The basis of the diet for weight loss should be protein dishes. This, of course, chicken. The most useful part is the fillet, which is low in fat. But you can’t deny myself the pleasure to eat wings or thighs — counting calories, you can consume anything you like, just know your limits. For example, the chicken thighs from the force weigh 500 calories, if they bake in the oven.

You can also eat beef. An effective dish for weight loss is a stew. Just stew meat with carrots, beans, corn, tomatoes and hot pepper — yum!

Many avoid fish with weight loss, but this is wrong. Even fat varieties of seafood is allowed — they contain essential omega-3 fatty acids. Especially useful are cod, salmon, trout, and salmon that can be baked in the oven or cook for a couple.

Not do without Turkey, which is a dietary product. Sometimes allow yourself to indulge in this kind of meat, which is not only useful for weight loss, but and very tasty.

As a garnish you can choose almost anything, but it is important to refuse from harmful products. For example, fried potatoes will not be the best choice. But boiled or baked. However, it is not necessary with this dish to get involved, advisable to eat potatoes more than twice a week. Will help to lower the glycemic index and also that you before use, refrigerate the potatoes.

Also useful garnishes in the form of brown rice, buckwheat. Healthy and delicious dishes are pumpkin puree, beans and even pasta. Regarding the latter, they must be made from whole wheat flour.

Desserts for weight loss

Desserts and slimming seem totally incompatible. But it is not. Believe me, these meals can be very useful even for weight loss. For example, a very effective dark chocolate. You can eat cottage cheese roll with baked apples, puddings, biscuits and cakes without flour. Natural marshmallows and candy — at least healthy and tasty meals when losing weight.

The main thing in losing weight to understand that the quantity and quality of food must be correct. This is the basis of getting rid of extra pounds and gaining a beautiful shape.