Suicidal thoughts and depression

Suicidal thoughts and depression are a dangerous combination. If the cry for help is heard, the risk of suicide is very high.How to distinguish depression from sadness and bad moods? How to understand that you need help and not Comedy?..

Thoughts of suicide can visit any mentally healthy person who has gone through trauma, or in a state of severe stress. However, in this case, taking the better instincts of self-preservation, and the risk of suicide is small. It is important that loved ones were near this point and helped to survive the tragedy.

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It happens that Intrusive suicidal thoughts are a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder. They occur against the will of the man and his pain, he fights with them. Such obsessions are never realized, and in order to get rid of them, require treatment using psychotherapeutic methods and medications.

It is quite another thing if suicidal thoughts are a manifestation of depression or other mental disorders. In this case, the risk of suicide is very high, and without urgent psychiatric help.

Depressive disorder is always accompanied by a deep despair, a sense of the hopelessness of their existence and guilt in the family. In this state man can come to the conclusion that suicide is the only way out of the situation, the way to stop mental and physical pain.

Suicidal thoughts are the most dangerous symptom of depression. 90% of people who committed suicide, was in a state of acute depression or had other mental illness. On the other hand, 15% of patients with depression complete suicide. Usually, it happens after 4-5 years after a person has developed the disease.

Thoughts of suicide can occur in a person who suffers deep depression, and in patients undergoing treatment for this disease. When they receive the drugs, enhancing their activity, the risk to attempt to commit suicide is quite high. The danger is that others think that the patient’s condition has improved.

What words or human behavior do indicate that he is able to take his own life on their own amid depression?

Cheerleaders have the following behaviors:

  • Talk of suicide or self-mutilation;
  • The persistent conviction of the person that his life is meaningless and hopeless, he is backed into a dead end, out of which no;
  • Unnatural interest in issues of death: the theme of mortality, to stories about suicide, ways to kill herself.
  • Unnecessarily risky behavior when one is playing with death. For example, deliberately crossing the street at a red light;
  • Recurring phrases such as without me it would be all better, I’m better off without everyone;
  • Mood swings;
  • People purposefully visiting their relatives and friends (or calls up after a long break), and saying goodbye to them; gives the valuable things for him; ends of the case; gives orders in case anything happens.

The risk of suicide is particularly high in people who in the past have made such attempts, have a genetic predisposition to mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, or came under the influence of other people, prone to committing suicide. If people in the past have experienced physical or sexual violence, if in his family there were cases of suicide, the chance to kill herself, he also increased.

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Statements about death and suicidal actions of a person in depression cannot be ignored.

Relatives, friends need to ask about his plans for the future. If you feel that he is ready to commit suicide, it is impossible to argue with him, to dissuade him from these thoughts and to convince that he has something to live for. You need to let him know that you care about him, you care for him and are willing to listen and support him.

The person in this state cannot be left alone. Hide any item that can potentially be used to commit suicide.

As soon as possible you must seek the assistance of a therapist. It is desirable that during this visit, the person was accompanied by a relative or friend.

The symptoms and signs of a potential suicide bomber is not catastrophic, but merely a cry for help. If these warning signs are heeded in time, people just do not get rid of obsessive thoughts about death, but will return to normal life, raising the capacity to enjoy and experience the fun of it.


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