Stave off colds: a medicinal plant against cough

The current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 15. November 2019 located in many pharmacies ready. In the current issue of the new series &quot starts;Colds abwehren" with the first part: medicinal plant against cough.

Fall and Winter mean cold time. Hardly a sniffle now, once, coughing or an active voice. Our new series explains how these complaints are to treat or alleviate. In the first part, you will learn what healing can help plants for coughs, and some in others when you cough.

Our ears are always switched on, even in sleep. This can be quite annoying, for example if you want to sleep with the window open, the Partner is snoring or the Baby of the neighbors screams. With earplugs, the noise can be insulated. We have tested several variants. Read more about this in the post hearing protection for quiet nights

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  • Competition in the current issue there is to win for a 500 Euro.

    Other topics include: Demand: supply shortages in medicines for dandruff goodbye to Quick meals for Singles

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