Spinal cord injury with a drug cure?

Long-term treatment with a commonly prescribed drug for nerve pain could contribute to the healing of spinal cord injuries: In experiments with mice, it was shown that they were able to significantly walk better, if you were treated to such a violation with the well-known active ingredient Gabapentin.

60 percent of the mice treated after a spinal cord injury, Gabapentin, were able to use their front legs well again. Animals that had only received a Placebo, by contrast, recovered only 30 percent of all cases. "Untreated mice recovered spontaneously, but it never came to a full recovery. The treated mice had deficits, but they recovered significantly besser", the neuro-scientist Prof. Andrea Tedeschi said of the Ohio State University.

Long-term therapy with Gabapentin

A long-term treatment was necessary, because the mice regained the function of their front legs only after about four months of treatment: After this time, they were able to move better on a horizontal ladder and your front toes more spread than untreated mice. In adult humans, this time would correspond to about nine years.

Gabapentin affects the activity of a Protein that inhibits the growth of nerve cells. By the drug releases the brake, can grow the cells to an injury better. In 2017, an analysis of patient data showed that individuals who had received Gabapentin or a similar medication obtained in the motor function after a spinal cord injury early and a connection between the consumption and the recovery of muscle power. As Gabapentin is used in such cases, it is best to now be in larger animal studies tested.