Scientists told about the most useful way of making coffee

Coffee good for heart, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes and even depression: the last time this topic had a lot of publications. But recently American scientists researchers another useful property of this drink. It turned out that at a certain way of making coffee can saturate the cells additional antioxidants to help them recover.

As reported by portal of Scientific Reports, scientists from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have found that the optimum level of acidity is achieved if pour boiling water over milled grain. Then ready coffee you need to drink within 5-10 minutes.

That is especially important, thus prepared, coffee may saturate the blood with antioxidants. In turn, this helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

In this fashion today coffee, brewed “cold” (cold brew coffee) turned out to be not so useful.

– Often say that the cold coffee has a lower acidity and, therefore, can be useful for those suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. However, our study shows that in the method of hot brewing coffee is extracted from the additional acid is responsible for higher antioxidant activity, researchers note.

The study involved grade a light roasted coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Myanmar and Mexico.