Scientists have firmly established what happens after swallowing Lego bricks

Thanks to the courageous volunteers, the researchers were able to determine how long the head is from Lego toys to come out of the human body. It turns out that parents do not need to worry if a child accidentally swallowed part of the toy, because it has to go along with the Kal just a few days.

In the new study, entitled perfectly: don’t forget about Lego, a group of pediatricians wanted to show, how long will it take head from LEGO toys to pass through the body. The results of the study were published in the journal of Pediatrics and Child Health. The researchers ‘ interest was caused by the fact that many foreign objects that children accidentally swallow small toys Legoстоят on the second place by frequency.

For this study, the researchers invited six adult volunteers, typing them online-the group of doctors-pediatricians. The number of volunteers initially excluded those who had surgery on the gastrointestinal tract, problems with swallowing or had an aversion to the search of objects in feces.

All six volunteers swallowed the head of Lego toys, and then keep a diary describing your chair both before and after swallowing of the head of the toy. In particular, they recorded the frequency and density of the chair is based on the hardness scale and passing stool (Stool Hardness and Transit score). After swallowing the particles toys each volunteer had to carefully examine the feces to determine was whether the toy. Was also the period of time between ingestion and the detection of the toy in the feces.

As it turned out, the parents are afraid due to the fact that their child swallowed a Lego head toys, not have to worry too much about it. As shown in the experiment, volunteers time passing toys ranged from 1.14 to 3.04 day. On average, the toy went through 1.71 day or 41 hours.

However, the researchers noted that this is a relatively small study that involved only adults. They also noted that toys with different shapes may require different times to pass. In addition, one of the volunteers and failed subsequently to detect the toy in the feces.

Dmitry Kolesnik