Russian scientists found a way to fight cancer

Decoding cancer genes will allow to pick up such the most effective treatment. OncoBox unique technology developed by Russian scientists from NRC “Kurchatov Institute”.

As told “Izvestia” in the Kurchatov Institute, cancer patients often die not of the tumor and toxic effects of drugs. Therefore, individual selection of medicines is of great importance.

“All existing medications for the treatment of cancer have such severe side effects that 70% of patients die not from the development of the tumor and the side effects. Test OncoBox will allow you to determine the most successful treatment strategy and to choose products with minimal impact,” — said researcher of the Institute Anton Buzdin.

The analysis will take a sample of the tumor and explore more than 2 thousand of its genes. Then OncoBox test will simulate the impact 140 of the target drugs in cancer, and the experts will evaluate the effectiveness of drugs for each specific patient.

The test is undergoing clinical trials. It is expected that in two years the technology will be used in hospitals.

Experts note that data OncoBox will allow not only to predict the effectiveness of existing drugs, but also to create new medicines.