Researchers were told what the product prevents weight gain

Eating nuts every day prevents weight gain and helps to improve the health of the cardiovascular system. It figured out the experts of the American heart Association. The findings of scientists published in the portal EurekAlert.

The research group analyzed questionnaires of more than 126 thousands of men and women who are not suffering from chronic diseases. Every four years, study participants answered questions about how often and in what quantity they eat nuts.

It was found that about 30 grams per day not only will not harm the figure, but also will help in the fight against obesity. In addition, the researchers concluded that eating this amount of nuts is the same serving of red or processed meat, French fries or chips, and desserts will contribute to less weight gain.

“People often perceive nuts as foods that are high in fat and calories, so they rarely consider them a healthy snack, but in fact they contribute to less weight gain and improve health,” — says one of the study’s authors Liu Syaoran.

The scientist also stressed that eating nuts reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.