Researchers have found a link between stroke and dementia

The researchers found, what is the relationship between stroke and dementia. This information they published in one of the foreign media.

Scientists said that if a person had several strokes, he has more chances of developing dementia. It turns out that both diseases have the same factors of development opportunities. Experts have called them to warn those who are at risk. Among the factors that can cause these problems include instability of blood pressure (increase or decrease), some heart disease (particularly atrial fibrillation), disorders of lipid metabolism, diabetes and overweight.

With regard to way of life, avoiding strokes, and hence dementia, help quitting Smoking and the adequacy of physical activity. Scientists noted that people who have had an acute violation of cerebral circulation, increases the likelihood of recurrence of stroke. Therefore you should pay attention to changes in lifestyle, which can be important preventive measures against the disease.

“If the mode of the day a person have time for proper exercise, at least half an hour, and the diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, prepared salads, beans and different varieties of fish, he protects himself from the recurrence of stroke,” – said the press-Secretary of the society of stroke Germany wolf-rüdiger of SABIC.

Recent studies conducted by scientists have proved that atrial fibrillation as a potential cause of stroke, can be considered a serious risk factor for developing dementia. Then, when detecting the patient’s atrial fibrillation it is necessary to assign them an oral medication to thin the blood.