Paracetamol is harmful to children’s intelligence

Taking paracetamol by pregnant women may harm the intelligence of their offspring, according to The Daily Mail, appealing to the researches of several U.S. universities. In particular, scientists believe that the use of this medication during pregnancy can reduce the IQ of children.

“Paracetamol expectant mothers can reduce the intelligence of their children, and increase the risk of developing autism and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity,” the researchers admit.
According to their data, taking paracetamol during pregnancy increases the risk of ADHD in children by 30%, autism – 20%. Before coming to a conclusion about the dangers of paracetamol for children’s intelligence, experts analyzed data from 150 thousand mothers and babies. The result of this analysis it was found that paracetamol acts negormonalny balance in the female uterus.

The publication notes that prior to this research also showed the harm from use of paracetamol during pregnancy for the intellectual abilities of children. Scientists spoke about the fact that this medication can affect the delay in the development of children’s speech.

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