Most people wash their hands incorrectly

Effective protection against diseases: thorough hand hygiene

According to health experts, up to 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands. Regularly and thoroughly wash hands is an effective protection against infectious diseases.

Most of the infectious diseases transmitted through the hands

Only a few weeks ago it was reported that in Germany and Austria, for example, every third after using the toilet wash hands properly. And although, according to estimates by the world health organization (WHO) up to 80 percent of all infectious diseases on the hands are transferred. According to health experts, the risk of gastro-intestinal infections can develop diarrhea, the flu or the common cold through proper hand washing can be significantly reduced.

Hands are an everyday matter for the health is extremely important to wash. Correctly performed hand hygiene is an effective protection against diseases. (Image: Picture-Factory/

Simple and effective protection

“Hand hygiene is an effective method to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases,” writes the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) on the occasion of world hand hygiene day on may 05. May 2019 in a message.

“Our hands are constantly coming up with surfaces in contact, where the pathogens are,” says Dr. med. Heidrun Thaiss, Director of the BZgA.

“Let us, then, to the mouth, nose or eyes, the pathogen easily through the mucous membranes in the body and there infectious diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract or other internal organs trigger,” explains the expert.

“A simple and effective protection for regular and thorough hands provides wash.”

In the case of children even more than adults: “Due to the as yet immature immune system and their daily proximity to other children, the risk of infection is higher,” explains Prof. Philippe floor, chief physician at the Altona children’s hospital in Hamburg, in a message to the news Agency dpa.

Simple rules for effective hand hygiene

The BZgA refers to some simple basic hygiene rules for a effective hands.

The hands are first held under running water, the temperature can be selected in a way that is comfortable.

Then palms on the inside, back of the hand, thumb, finger spaces and finger tips thoroughly soaped.

Thorough hand-washing takes at least 20 seconds. To get a feel for this period of time, recommends the children’s charity Unicef to sing twice, the song “Happy Birthday”.

This was the optimal duration in order to remove the most harmful bacteria and viruses. Soiled hands should no longer be cleaned.

Thereafter, the hands should be rinsed under running water and then carefully dried.

The Dry germs are removed, even on the hands or in the rest of the water on the hands. (ad)