Moms of boys suffer from postpartum depression by 79 percent more likely to

Women who give birth to boys more often undergo postpartum depression, according to the study authored by scientists from the University of Kent (UK). The researchers found that mothers of boys suffering from postpartum depression by 79 percent more likely, compared to women who bear girls.

According to scientists, the birth of boys should recognize important risk factors for postpartum depression. They believe that mothers of boys should receive from the doctors special support because of the greater likelihood of developing this condition.

Postpartum depression is the reaction of the female organism to stress, which for him are in labor. Mothers women experience anxiety, irritability, depression and apathy, and they have marked mood swings, causeless tearfulness, increased vulnerability, fear of inability to take care of the baby.

The researchers found that “women who give birth to male babies, 71-79 percent more likely to suffer from postpartum depression.” In their work they analyzed the history of pregnancy and childbirth, 296 women. Why mothers of boys more often affected by this violation? Experts believe that this may contribute to the immune reaction of the female body to gestate a foetus male. Preliminary studies also showed that could exist an Association between increased inflammatory process in the female body and carrying a boy.

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