Many health cards are in 2019 is no longer valid

Health cards of the first Generation (G1) starting with January 2019 valid. The fact of the Association of spare cash e. V. (vdek). A glance at the map brings clarity.

To recognize the old health cards to the additional &quot are;G&1quot;, the upper right-hand corner under the print "Gesundheitskarte" is. Even if the card in addition to the print "G&1quot; still a valid date, using the 01.01.2019, it loses in January, their validity.

“The Insured can see at a glance whether your card will be in January still valid. This is not the case, then you should contact us promptly to your health insurance and a new card request. So you can go in January during the visit to the doctor, everything as usual,” says Claudia Ackermann, head of the vdek-representation of the land Hessen. By the end of 2018, every a health card Insured with the imprint "G2" or "G2.&1quot; .


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