Man wears a mouth tumor the size of your head

30-year old construction worker wears on his face a tumor the size own skull. It grows in the mouth for nearly a decade after a young man was injured during a basketball game.

A native of the Philippines Leonardo Maurice got hit in the mouth the time when a teenager was playing basketball. Today, Leonardo is already 30 years old, and until about the 23 years he suffered from pain in the mouth, reminiscent of dental. After that, he began to grow a mouth tumor. Medical scans and tests showed that the young man was the victim of a rare disease called ameloblastoma, which is a benign tumor of the jaw and can, if you believe the doctors, be the result of some sort of trauma. Although the tumor is benign, it is growing in a place that may, in the absence of further treatment to kill Leonardo. However, the cost of surgery in his country is about $7 500, which the man simply can’t collect. The construction he makes in a day only a few dollars.

Despite the constant pain, Leonardo still every day goes to work, as it believes that will be able to accumulate some amount of money. Ameloblastoma can destroy the jaw bone and even spread to the sinuses and orbit. Today, the tumor is so big that Leonardo have difficulty taking solid food. Every day he eats soup, drinks water and fruit juices. However, he continues to suffer from severe pain, dreaming of the day when the surgeons will deliver him from the terrible tumors.

Oncologist Dr. Stephen Garcia medical center in Manila said that although ameloblastoma Leonardo and grew to such a size, it can still be cut. However, the doctor cannot do the surgery for free, but the money the young man has no. If these tumors spread, patients are usually offered treatment, radiotherapy, as chemotherapy is considered less effective. (READ MORE)