Man is victim of stroke and now lives with 25 bullets in his body

The 49-year-old Stefan Lawrence was shot outside a Takeaway in Brandenburg, Blankenfelde Mahlow. He survived the attack that was supposed to be another meeting. However, 25 of the 30 balls that met him, could not get the Doctors out of his body.

At the beginning of November Lawrenz with friends sitting in front of the Snack bar in Blankenfelde-Mahlow. Suddenly, a car stopped on the roadside, the detected Lawrenz as the car of Victor W., one of the other locals, such as “image” reported.

“I saw the car of Victor, held the edge of the road. The mark he had made with duct tape unrecognizable. He was wearing headphones and pointing a shotgun at us. There was a Bang and I flew backwards out of my chair,“ said Lawrenz, compared to the news portal.

The shock is very deep!

The 49-Year-old was flown with a rescue helicopter to the Bundeswehr hospital in Berlin. In his Arm, 30 shotgun rounds, which should actually meet Werner D., Victor W. had previously argued were.

The Doctors were able to operate five bullets from the body of the victim. The remaining 25 will remain in his body. Nevertheless, he was lucky, because the balls were made of toxic lead. This would have been the case, would have had to be amputated his Arm. “I thought I was coming with the Situation quickly became clear. But the shock is very deep,” said Lawrenz to “image”.

The offender fled the scene and the police stormed his house, couldn’t track him down. A few days after the fact, he took on the island of Rügen.