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Neuro toxicity of Beta-Amyloid with lavender and coriander to fix this?

In the case of Alzheimer’s disease have deposits of the Protein Beta-Amyloid in the brain increased. Given the neurotoxic effect of Beta-Amyloid is believed that here also a connection with the course of the disease. With the essential Oils of lavender and coriander, the cells can be protected however, not in front of the neurotoxicity of the Protein, as the result of a current study.

In view of the suspected link between the Beta-Amyloid deposits in the brain and Alzheimer’s disease Researchers are looking for years for Ways to prevent these deposits. The Italian research team led by Vincenzo De Feo, University of Salerno has followed in his current study, a different path and checked if the cells with lavender and coriander Oil can be protected from the neurotoxic effect of Beta-Amyloid. Published their results in the journal “Phytotherapy Research”.

In search of natural active ingredients

“Since there is currently no cure or preventive therapy available for Alzheimer’s to counteract the disease, we have studied Compounds of natural origin, in order to find new potential neuroprotective compounds for the treatment,” explains the research team.

Neuroprotective effect of the essential Oils studied

In experiments on cell cultures with the so-called “neuronal differentiated PC12-cells” tested the researchers, the neuroprotective effect of essential Oils of lavender and coriander, and your main active ingredient Linalool against the neurotoxicity caused by the determined Beta-Amyloid Oligomers (Aß1‐42 Oligomers). These Oligomers are considered to be key molecular factors of Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease, so the research team.

Improved ability of cells to Survive

“We found that essential Oils of lavender and coriander in the concentration of 10 µg/mL, as well as Linalool in the same concentration able to improve the survival ability of the cells and to reduce the nuclear morphological anomalies in the cells, which were exposed for 24 hours, the Aß1-42 Oligomers,” report the researchers.

The result on the neuronal differentiated PC12 cells voice has also been reported with previous in vivo studies, in which about a possible neuro-protective potential of the essential Oil of lavender and coriander, so the research team.

Also got in the current study showed that lavender and coriander Oil and Linalool “the Aß1-42 Oligomers-induced increase in intracellular production of reactive oxygen species and the activation of the pro-apoptotic enzyme Caspase-3 to counteract.”

Therapeutic application possibilities

The current study provides assessment of the research team with important evidence that the essential Oils of lavender and coriander, as well as their main constituent, Linalool could be used as natural agents against the neurotoxicity of Beta-Amyloid. Further studies should examine the possibilities of application in humans and the effect on the course of Alzheimer’s disease now. (fp)

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