Kickstart for health – tips for a healthier 2019

So you live in 2019 healthier

The new year many people to make positive Changes in your life to enforce. Here are the best health tips of the London nutrition experts recommended in order to spend the year 2019 healthier.

Researchers from the King’s College London have combined all of the year, the best studies, based health tips. Been through a couple of small changes in the areas of nutrition, movement, breathing and sleeping great improvements in the General health can be achieved.

You regularly eat nuts

Nuts are very healthy and numerous health benefits. Several studies showed that eating nuts leads to a lower and slower release of fat in the bloodstream. This can contribute according to the nutrition experts of the protection against obesity, heart disease, and type 2 Diabetes, as well as lead to a better intestinal health.

Nuts Are Calorie Bombs?

Nuts are considered to be calorie bombs, as they have a high energy and fat content. Researchers from the Department of nutrition Sciences at King’s College London have, however, found out that around 20 percent of the ate the nuts are not absorbed in the body. Thus, a portion of the nut-calories fresh excreted. “We should remove ourselves from the long-held Belief that nuts are full increases of calories and guilt of weight,” write the experts at the King’s College London in a press release.

You take the correct fiber

Although it is already long known that fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet. Recent studies showed, however, that certain dietary fibers are more advantageous than others. Refers to the so-called prebiotics. They serve certain bacteria in the gut as a food, which in turn are important for intestinal health. Many prebiotics are, for example, contained in artichokes, chicory, leeks, onions, garlic, wheat and rye.

Not all dietary fibers are equal to

“We have shown that not all fibre is equal,” says nutritionist Professor Kevin Whelan, King’s College London. The type of the consumed dietary fiber can influence the intestinal flora and to customize.

Depression reduce

An analysis of data from more than a quarter of a million people has shown that regular exercise lowers the risk of developing Depression. “There is clear evidence that people who are more active have a lower risk of developing depression,” says Dr. Felipe Barreto Schuch, who conducted the analysis. The positive aspect showed itself regardless of the age and place of residence of the Participants.

Longer young and stay fit

However, movement can not only protect against depression. A further study showed that life-long exercise training keeps the body young for longer and healthy and, ultimately, even the aging process slows down. In older people, regular exercise was associated with a lesser loss of muscle mass and strength. In addition, a lower increase in body fat and cholesterol levels. In addition, it was evidenced by the study that people with sufficient exercise have a better immune system than Untrained.

They ensure better air quality

Recent studies showed that air pollution affects an increasingly negative impact on public health. The researchers of King’s College, London recommend to go more often on foot or to ride a bike. In the best case, you should not choose routes along major traffic arteries. Driving a car not only wear to air pollution, but within the vehicle cabin, the air was charged also often stronger than outside, according to the experts.

Improve your quality of sleep

Many people sleep too little. New research has shown that prolonged sleep contributes to reducing the intake of sugar containing foods. “Our results indicate that increasing the sleep time to an hour or longer to a healthier diet contributes,” says research Director Haya Al Khatib. To long one should sleep, however. Another study showed that sleep times have about eight hours of a negative effect on heart health. (vb)