In the face of death: What do people say before they die

Nothing we fear more than death. How people, just before you die, your life will reflect what you deeply regret, what a lucky, but also partly bitter assessment, has been documented by the American photographer Andrew George is to be taken.

What moves people in the face of death? This issue of American photographer Andrew George was when he visited a few years ago, dying patients in a palliative care unit in California, to learn something about your life – your Religion, your happiest and saddest moments, your failures, your Fears. What touched George the most was the fact that all of them had one thing in common: they did not fear death.

His impressive pictures and Interviews, he summed up in a book and an exhibition, the title of "Right before I die" wearing and already in many countries has shown. "I wanted to introduce ordinary people who have achieved something extremely rare, you have to overcome your fear of death – something that people have always been fürchten", the artist declares to FOCUS Online.

So he wants to shake up his audience and inspire them to reconsider their own existence. "The only way we have a Chance to live a full life to führen", so George. We present extracts from his moving documentation and show how people approach fearless of death, and on with your life reconcile.

In Belgium, California, and Korea, celebrates his exhibition “Right before I die” 2019 in Japan Premiere. Currently, the artist is still looking for exhibition venues in Germany. More about Andrew George and his project

Sahra: "Time is so valuable. My God, she is so precious…"

"As I learned first from my illness, I said that we will fight them and defeat them. I don’t know how much time I have, because I think it is not the kind of person that I am, like so. I’m stubborn and I will fight to the end. Whatever happens, it has to be another Option. Perhaps we have not exhausted all possibilities. I’m not against it, that to me is experimenting, but I am against giving up on me.[…]

I don’t believe in something, I don’t know if I should call it the Lord God or Krishna … and I know there must be an ultimate Plan.[…]

I can’t think about whether it is fair. It makes no sense. Things are not fair or unfair. Life is just like that. Things happen – or not happen. You take chances or not.[…]

The life is finite. You just don’t know what happened, and you really have to take risks. I’ve done this only in my late 20-zigern and think I’ve missed a few things. Relationships, for example. In College, many find great love or have a dramatic affair I never had. Ok, just a bit, because I had a friend I liked very much. It was the first Time that I felt really comfortable with someone.[…]

Yesterday I said that I’m going to die tomorrow![…]

Time is so valuable. My God, she is so precious…"

Ralph: "I had two loves in my Leben"

Andrew George


"Yesterday, a bygone day – today is a new day.

Try and love everyone you meet. No matter who the Person is and what she does, give her the feeling of acceptance. This is love.

Responsible for all take your actions and your words. If you’re doing something Bad, accept it, take it. If you have hurt someone, ask forgiveness of him. It’s not so important that you give others the blame for your mistakes.

I don’t go to Church, but I am a spiritual man. I turn to a higher Power that determines the course of my life. I can count on you – you gave me forgiveness and the ability to be with me in Pure. I always thought that life is good. In the past, I have defied God and refused to trust him. But one day I realized that I always need his help.

I want to live, because there is a lot to do – I want people to know each other decently.

The key to life is the realization that there is only one key. I had two loves in my life. This is the best there is. What more could a man want? It was wonderful.“

Kim: "I have no fear of sterben"


“I’m not afraid to die – I’m afraid of what I have to do to get there.

First of all, you must learn to love yourself, only then can you truly love others.

The only thing that I regret, maybe, is that I married my husband. I married him just to be under the hood. Otherwise, I regret nothing.

Don’t Worry so much, because the stress changes only, and nothing at all. Take care of things and then do more.

You think you have friends, but if you get sick, they run away from you. And those from whom you expect them to stand by you, disappear. Although you say that you are sorry and you will get through this with you. Suddenly, they no longer call, send you messages, and want to have anything to do with you because you’re sick. Most people are that way because they have anxiety from something. And the people from whom you think it the least are the ones who are there to help you.

There are so a lot of what we could enjoy and no one is doing it – God created many things and nobody uses them.“

Chuck: "My wedding was one of the happiest days of my Lebens"

Andrew George Chuck

"I think I got my Faith from my grandmother. She was a true Christian woman. She was loved by all, she loved everyone and she loved life. She said to me, if two or more people come together somewhere in the name of God, the Church. You can be out there somewhere on the rocks or anywhere else. Even if you’re all alone there, you’re always in pairs: you and Christ. This has meant much to me in my life. I really believe that.

I have enjoyed my life. One of my most memorable times was my Childhood when I played with my brothers Baseball, and our mother has been through. Later, as we are Motocross hazards, has bought our mother a machine and joined in.

One of the happiest moments of my life? At the top of the list my wedding is with Sally, who was 35 years my wife. I had to edit for a year, until she married me. I knew it when I saw you for the first Time, but she had the same feelings for me. It took over a year to convince you … I stayed on it, asked you again and again and said: “I am here and keep trying, you’re Right.” One day, she said Yes. And that was a really lucky day of my life. [..] We were related over a number of years soul.

What I regret? I think I regret a little that I hurt my mother, when I met my wife. Because I spent all my time with her. But I think this is something that my mother cross had to come.

I had a happy life![…]

The world is what people make of it. You can make this a good life or a miserable life – it seems that there are so many who lead rather miserable lives."

Odis: "I have the inner peace gefunden"

Andrew George


“I dream a lot, mainly from the dead: my parents, my brothers and sisters. Because I’m the last of our family – I have survived all of them.[…]

I had no youth, and it was only my fault. I wanted to grow up early.[…]

I always had hope that things will get better. If we have no hope, and no Faith, we have nothing.[…]

I have achieved nothing Special in my life, I would be proud of. But my mother once said that she could die happy, if I comb her hair. Since I was seven years old, I combed her hair.[…] When she died, I went up to her and combed her hair.

Some love me, some like me at all. Sometimes this bothers me sometimes. Because I am me, I can’t make it all right. You have to look after yourself, without hurting others.

I have found inner peace a few years ago. You just have to decide that you can no longer hurt you. You run to the end of the diving Board and jump into the dark Void and hope that you land in the water.

Anyone who is married, needs a sense of Humor and a keen sense for the needs of your partner – you have to appeal to his soul."

Donald: "The meaning of life is to make people happy, you liebst"

Andrew George

"I speak with God, but I don’t demand that he solves my problems; I need to solve my problems.

Great love – you must love. My love is so great that I love my Ex-wife, who married again and another man loved, still. You just have to accept that you can’t always stick to it, you just have to let it go.

There are so many things to which we are capable, that we should be able to get errors.

The meaning of life is to make people happy, you love."

Josefina: "Whoever did something for me that I have vergeben"

  Andrew George Josefina

"Life is the waiting room of death. We know from the beginning that we will die – even if we don’t know when, where, and how. I feel calm, slightly, because I know that as I go. Every night I say to God: “You know what you’re doing!” I’m not afraid to die. I have lived many happy years.[…]

What was the most Difficult thing in your life?

The Most Difficult Thing? To live with my mother and my family. You have made me you will never be happy, you have never given me love and Affection. I was not a Person for you, I was more like a thing that came into her life and went out. The feeling it gives me, always, my whole family.

Did you forgive them?

Yes, all of them. Whoever did something for me that I have forgiven.[…]

When we die, we die and go to Nothing. Dust to dust. I think that reaches the end of the world if you die."