In Europe, most alcohol is drunk

The harmful use of alcohol has not decreased in Europe, contrary to expectations. This shows a status report of the world health organization (WHO). All the countries had signed in 2012, the European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol among. Still, 5.5 percent of all deaths in the EU on the account of alcohol, and, above all, their number among teenagers and young adults in Europe remains unacceptably high.

On average, people drink from the age of 15 in the countries of the European Union including Norway and Switzerland more than two bottles of wine per week. If abstainers and ex-alcoholics are excluded from the calculation, it is per capita even three bottles a week – a lot of that is bad for your health.

Also episodic Drinking remains a Problem: 30.4 percent of people reported having in the last 30 days more than 60 grams of pure alcohol, once drunk, that’s the equivalent of more than five high-percentage Drinks. This harmful drinking behavior compared to women (14.4 percent) particularly in men (47.4 percent) a Problem.

An analysis of data from the years 2010 to 2016, revealed that in Europe each year about 290,000 people due to alcohol-related causes lose their lives. The 7.6 million lives are the equivalent of years. Responsible for the alcohol-related deaths are diseases of 76.4 percent, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and cardiovascular. 18.3 percent are due to alcohol-related injuries, e.g. traffic accidents, suicides and murders. One in four deaths in young adults is due according to the WHO, alcohol.


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