In Berlin, even eleven-year-old girl take Ecstasy

In the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, teenagers and even children from the drug are amplified abuse. Particularly the party drug Ecstasy prepares for Local politicians to Worry about. Even eleven-year-old had been affected.

In a Facebook Post, Gordon Lemm, member of the district city Council, for school, sports, family and youth (SPD) did to the dangers. “We have perceived for some time, an increased use of the drug Ecstasy in the district,” writes Lemm. It was small, colorful, often with symbols and / or images provided tablets.

The pills are inexpensive and reinforced in children and young people to find. Especially girls, but also boys between 11 and 14 years of age are affected by drug abuse.


“The fact that this drug has found for three to four months in children and young people of our district, catchment, has made me so very affected, I have decided to publicly address and to put parents in the position to speak, where appropriate, with their children and to protect them,” wrote Lemm in his Post.

Little pill, big (Side)effect

Because even if the multi-colored pills and look innocent, you have, especially in children and adolescents serious side effects and can also lead to long-term disorders, as Lemm.

Through Ecstasy, the body would secrete an increased amount of happiness hormones, explains to the Lemm, in his Facebook Post. The Concerned, be more sociable, to feel love and to be with other people open – it’s a real rush. But as soon as the effect wears off, it can come according to the local politicians “to irritability, depressive moods, tiredness, fatigue and lack of concentration”. A so-called “Ecstasy hangover” that can last for days, so Lemm.

Paranoia and hallucinations are not excluded

Other symptoms are a “dry mouth, spasms of the jaw muscles, headache, sweating, muscle cramps, Nausea, retching, eyes flickering [and] suppression of the urge to urinate,” said Lemm. Then parents can give their children eight.

Signs of Overdose may be the local politicians, according to the “concentration and perception disorders, anxiety, hallucinations, or Paranoia”.

The party drug Ecstasy is Affected psychologically dependent, wrote Lemm – in addition to “disorders of the (short-term)memory, physical[r] wasting, poor concentration and sleep disorders, damage to the gastric mucosa and of the heart as well as kidney and liver damage,” this is probably the biggest long-term problem.

Lemm calls on the parents to contact in case of suspected drug abuse of their own child to the drug – and search advice Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Also, the police, street workers and schools had been informed of the increase in drug abuse.

Berlin is to get a drug Check-point

Berlin’s drug scene is growing. Now the capital is to get a official drug-Check-point. Illegal drugs can be controlled in front of the consumer on their purity and dosage – unclean materials are therefore screened, drug-related deaths are to be prevented. The consumers remain anonymous. When the project starts is not yet known.

The consumption of illegal substances died, according to the Federal government drug Commissioner in the past year, 1276 people – four more than in 2017. The main cause of continued poisoning by opioids, such as Heroin. In Berlin, 191 people evidence died in the past year to the consequences of their drug use, 23 more than in 2017. Thus, the number of drugs increased deaths in Berlin in the past years. The lowest value since 2008, in 2012 was 113 dead. In 2015, there were 153.

Zero tolerance: So the Munich police against drug-related crime at the station

New Zero tolerance: that’s the Munich police against drug-related crime at the Central station prior to