Identified 4 types of obesity

Scientists at brown University in the US made a concept to divide people with obesity into four types. Each of these types of obesity, in their opinion, requires a separate approach to its therapy.

The first type of obesity: diabetes. People of this type combines a low level of “good” cholesterol and a high concentration of glucose in the blood. 98% of representatives of this type is diabetics.

The second type of obesity: individuals with unhealthy eating habits. The vast majority of those who make up the second type (92%), eating when not hungry. The main problem for this type of loss of control over meals.

The third type of obesity: mixed. This type scientists have proposed to include people who do not stand out clear reasons for the development of obesity.

The fourth type of obesity: fat from childhood. A characteristic of those who belong to this type – very high body mass index in young age. In 18 years, the BMI can reach 32.

Experts argue that such a separation must necessarily be taken into consideration by physicians as one universal method of treatment of obesity for all does not exist.

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