How HIV is transmitted and how AIDS is not transmitted

HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus. Once in the human body, HIV weakens the immune system by attacking certain cells designed to fight infections. AIDS is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is the last symptomatic stage of HIV infection when the body can no longer resist any disease.

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30 November world Day of fight against AIDS.Begun in isolated cases about 40 years ago, HIV infection and AIDS have become a serious problem for all mankind. Ukraine, unfortunately, is no exception.AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) was first reported in North America in the early 1980s. the Disease caused by the virus known as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). To date, HIV infection has become a worldwide epidemic.

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People learned about the status, experience great stress. Most importantly, they care about whether they live. But without good quality information and support, stress becomes chronic and, as a result, is born depression, self-stigma and samoistselyatsya. It is important to understand that HIV is a controllable virus.

There are three ways in which HIV can enter the human body. Remember, HIV is transmitted:

  1. Through sexual contact.
  2. Through the contact of infected blood with the blood of a healthy person.
  3. From mother to child.

In Ukraine today, 48% of HIV-infected women, resulting in an increase in the number of children born to HIV-infected mothers.

Only four body fluids contain HIV in sufficient concentration, so that through them could be infected. It’s blood, vaginal secretions, semen and breast milk.

Fears and phobias are infected, being near an infected person, arise from a lack of information. Learn materiel:it is not transmitted HIV-AIDS.

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  • AIDS is not transmitted by handshakes or hugs. Believe me, positive people and without that life is not easy. So do not deny them in a friendly handshake. And especially don’t be afraid to hug the person who first learned of his diagnosis. He will need your support.

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  • Nepheredema AIDS through sweat or tears.
  • AIDS is not transmitted by coughing or sneezing. When the patient is in the late stages of the disease, its immune system can not resist even the common cold.

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  • AIDS nepheredema through the sharing of common utensils or bed linen.
  • AIDS is not transmitted when sharing the bath and toilet. And generally, an infected person can and should live together, especially if it is close to you.
  • AIDS is not transmitted through the joint exercise. Suffice it to recall the legendary Irving magic Johnson one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. In 1992, the athlete, already being HIV-positive, playing in the Olympics for team USA.

I used to think that the hardest thing that I face in life, the game against Michael Jordan or Larry bird. Actually it was the day I started the main event in life. My faith gave me the strength to tell the world about their HIV status.

  • AIDS is not transmitted through the handrails in public transport. Though hardly included in the tram person will spread the disease. So just take this information as fact.
  • AIDS is not transmitted through bites of animals or insects. And even if this cute little mosquito before you managed to bite a person with HIV, then you he would not be able to infect.
  • AIDS is not transmitted by kissing, as the concentration of virus in saliva is too low to infect. This is confirmed by statistical data of many serious domestic and foreign organizations.

Readers ‘ questions The likelihood of HIV infection after oral sex 21 November 2018, 13:47 Dobry day, I had oral sex with a girl, I was in a passive role can I have HIV if the contact was unprotected, and this contact, I stopped in a minute? A few drops of lubrication it went in my mouth. Half an hour after contact I washed my mouth with water, an hour after contact, I have bathed with huge amount of toothpaste and water, in 3.5 hours – 3 times thoroughly rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide now, when I rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide, I felt a slight burning sensation on the tongue, – these were signs of trauma? If these were signs of minor wounds and a few drops of lubrication it went in my mouth, what are the chances of Contracting HIV, and what do I do now? The contact took place 19 hours ago./p View answer


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